My head was swimming, and I couldn’t remember how we’d gotten into this position. Wasn’t I sitting several feet away? Everything was so fuzzy now. All I knew without a doubt was that his kisses were the best sexual experience I’d ever had. I never wanted to stop kissing him.

The more we kissed the more I ached for him. It was complete insanity.

I was straddling him now, rubbing myself shamelessly against his hard rod. I should have been mortified with my actions and the need I felt for him, but I wasn’t. This was my mate and I felt alive and powerful. There was no room for embarrassment.

In the few experiences I’d had in the past, I’d been a meek partner in bed. Vanilla, someone had once called me.

I didn’t feel vanilla now.

 Tom had awakened some sort of greedy sensual beast within me. It felt much like a hunt when in my fur. He was my prey and I had him firmly in my sights.

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