Chapter 19


It had been two days since I last spoke with Drake, and I was getting annoyed. He was supposed to be gathering intel about this ball but every time I mind linked him, he would have an excuse or not even respond. I hadn’t seen him around the palace and my patience was gone. I stomped through the halls searching for him and after not finding him in any of his usual hang outs I went to his room.

I threw the door to his bedroom open shouting as I went “DRAKE” and that was when I saw them. “Rachel?” I was too shocked that I stood there staring at their naked bodies. I had just walked in on them in the throes of passion and yet I was still here staring at them.

“Stop looking at my mate.” Drake roared at me furiously and lunged. Immediately I sidestep him and Drake lands on his feet behind me. I understood Drake’s possessiveness towards his mate, hell I was living it, but he should have know

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