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Thank you for reading my book Tales of Cousland : Princess.

I wouldn’t be doing this if not for the support of you amazing readers. Reading your comments brightens up my day and I cherish each and every one of them. You can follow me on F******k or Twitter for more updates on my books and chapters as well as leaving comments or suggestions - @AuthorStefHurst

I hope you have enjoyed the twists and turns and I hope that it has left you wanting more. So on that note here is a little extract from the next book in the series Tales of Cousland : Queen - AVAILABLE ON GOODNOVEL NOW.


“Charlotte, there is someone who needs to speak to you, and you need to hear him out” Ryan’s eyes implore mine as we arrive at his office door. His hand is resting on the doorknob, and he seems unsure.

“What’s going on?” He doesn’t respond but instead he opens the door allowing me to step ins

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loved the book can't wait to start Queen!!
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