Chapter 4

Christian's Point of View,

Her face was scarlet red, she was taking long breaths, her eyes were clouded; I think she couldn't focus on anything at this time.

It looked like she was struggling to keep herself sane at this time.

She looked like someone who was drugged. I don't know why anger well up in my stomach seeing her suffering like this.

I think it's my people who did it. I'll definitely punish whoever did this to her. How could they drug someone to deliver a person to me?

The thought it may not be my people who sent her here never came to my mind. Since she was at my door, I concluded that she was here for me.

She stared at me for some time then started to struggle against my bare body.

Did this girl know what she is doing now and how it affects me? It was the thought running in my head currently.

I looked down at her when there was no movement. She had gone to sleep. She struggled for some time, then gone still in my hand.

"Seriously?" I shake my head, then lift her bridal style in my hands and bring her to my king-size bed.

The bed looked enormous for her tiny body. I crossed the hall, reaching my bed, but…

"Shit," my leg gets stuck at my coat I left on the floor, making me fall forward. Luckily, I was near the bed, so we fell on the bed.

 She fell first, and I fell on her next.

My face was buried on her chest. When I noticed I tried to get up, I almost succeeded in standing on one of my feet.

But the coat at my leg hinders my movements. I place my left leg on the floor, which is stuck. I fall back once again on the girl, but I move a little upwards this time, falling face to face on her body.

But due to the force of my fall, my lips landed on her soft lips.

I open my eyes so wide it starts to hurt to keep them open. I stay still, fearing the girl will push me away.

I remained still, but she didn't react as expected; instead, she started to move her lips.

She is not kissing me back, but she tries to say something.

She mumbles something repeatedly, but it's not clear. At the same time, She starts to open her shirt buttons.

My eyes go wild at her actions. Instead of looking away, I look at her hands and the skin she reveals to me.

I have seen many women that I lost count of it in my long life. But I never reacted to anyone like this. It never arouses me to this point.

I blame it on my medicines, but I know deep down that I'm just a fool who doesn't want to accept that someone can make me lose control of my body just by revealing some skin.

When my train of thought came to an end, only then did I realize she had removed most of her clothes. She only has her inners on her.

I swallow hard at sight. This girl is beautiful; her long black hair is spread on the white pillows, her small cute face is flushing red, she looks too small on this oversized bed that it looks like an elf is sleeping on a giant.

I laugh at myself for my thoughts. I just bite on my lower lips and start to get off of the girl to get on the bed.

"I will just take a small amount from you, okay" I look at her "thank you in advance" I take her hands into my hands.

Her hands are fragile. They look like if I apply little pressure, the bones will crack without any problem.

 Should I do it, but she looks so fragile I think she can't handle this at all.

How could his men find someone so weak? What should I do if she dies because of me? Anger starts to rise once again in my body. Without knowing, my grip on her wrist tightened.

"H-Hurts," she hiccups. I can see a tiny teardrop at the corner of her closed eyes. I instantly loosen my grip.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you," I tell her. I'm not sure she heard me or not, though, because she goes silent once again.

I start to contemplate whether I should take from her or not. But she looks like she doesn't have the strength to handle me.

I don't want to use her like this. I'll just ask them to find someone else. Thinking like this, I start to move away from her.

She grabs my hand and pulls me hard. I fall on the bed by her side. She gets up and starts to move her body on me.

She climbs on me and keeps her head on my chest "so cool," when these words leave her mouth, I come to the realization that she is drugged, and if I don't keep her here, someone else may take advantage of her.

"No, she is mine" a sudden possessiveness arises in me at the thought of her being with others.

"Hmm…" she moves her hands on my body, exploring.

My body starts to react to her touches. A groan leaves my lips when she moves her hips on my crotch. It starts to get hard at the attention given to it. Her smooth skin is doing something to me.

The curtain lifts up because of the vital air. The moonlight filter through there, falling on our body, heightening the mood to another level.

My eyes scan all over her body on her smooth skin. She makes a sensual sound; the thought of taking her right there came to my mind.

But my body is tired; it can't move as it pleases currently.

She starts to move faster, her movements become prominent because she doesn't get the attention she wants. And pressure from her body gets much too harder to ignore.

I bring my hands to her hips to stop her from moving too much. But she doesn't stop. I tighten my grip on her.

"Ahh..." she moans at the pressure. That sound made me lose my mind at that time.

I flip her on the bed and place myself between her legs. She wraps her thighs around me for support catching me in her grip.

She starts to remove her inners slowly. My eyes turn red when I'm greeted with her naked upper body.

She is so thin that her breasts look so full on her body. They are perfect in size, not too large like other women's, and not too small as well.

Her belly is too thin that I can wrap it in my both hands still someplace may be left to fill something between them.

The only clothing present on her body is her panty. Which will be on the floor in a few minutes.

I begin to kiss her lips which she reciprocates. She moves her hips, making the sinful noises making me lose my sanity.

I move my hands on her body on her breasts. She moans, pushing her chest into my hand. I take her pointed nipple in my hand and pinch it, playing with them. Sometimes I move my hand to another one making her cry from the pleasure.

I move my hands from there to her lower part. My hand moves towards her panty. I rip it from her body, freeing her from everything.

She is so wet. I place my crotch at her entrance and thrust in. She moaned so loud that she had me come inside her right at that movement.

She is so tight. My head throbs and my eyes turn red; my fangs start to protrude from my mouth.

Instead of sinking them on her wrist, I bite her on her neck. Sucking the blood from her body.

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Bella Jersey
This is so NO he RAPED her point blank period.
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Bella Jersey
What the hell he’s a vampire she’s drugged stay away from her. I don’t care if she’s doing a stripper dance. No touching call the front desk and doctor

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