Chapter 11

"And what scent are you talking about?" Elizabeth raises her eyebrows at Susan with a look of determination on her face.

Only she knows how much fear she had in her heart. It took all Elizabeth's effort to stop her body from shivering because of the fright.

Susan stops laughing and stands straight, but a small smile remains on her face. It only makes Elizabeth more nervous.

"You know you always smelled like fresh roses and sandalwood. Now you are not. Did you perhaps change your perfume"

This is weird. Elizabeth doesn't use body perfume. Elizabeth doesn't have the money to buy it even if she wants to. How can Susan smell roses and sandalwood from me?

"What do you mean I smell like roses? I don't use perfume. How can you smell the scent from my body when we don't even interact with each other?" when Elizabeth asked her this, Susan looked like she was taken aback by her question.

"I-" Susan struggles to form a proper answer, "I live in the woods, so my sense of smell is a little sh
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Bella Jersey
The rape shame in this world sad

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