Chapter 13

“So, is there anything you want me to know or you want to tell me anything, you have a chance now Lisa” she continues with a blank face.

“I – I’m... I’m s-sorry” I hide my face from her not having the courage to face her demanding and questioning look. She doesn’t say anything just sits there may be thinking how to break the news to me that I’m fired.

“Why are you sorry Lisa?” she questions me. Does she want to hear it from my mouth only? Why? Was it not enough to hear it from others she wants me to tell her everything in detail? I pursue my lips and whisper in a low voice “You must have heard the rumors about me”.

“Yes, but I want to know if they are true or not from you only”

“Yes, they are true I -” she cuts my sentence in half “So, you are really from that family”

“Family? Which family?” Confusion clear on my face what is she talking about when was there any rumor about my family.

“Off course Greenwood family” she looks at me expec

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Bella Jersey
The Greenwood family is the mysterious auntie was demoted or kicked out of
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Yes we are keep Riya too

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