Chapter 25

“It will not be a problem, my dear, I lack anything but the money” sounds behind me. and I stiffen at the roughness of the voice. My back is facing the man who is talking I wonder who he is. When I was contemplating the answers, I see Susan’s eyes lit up when her eyes land on the man behind me. Jack is also smiling at him.

“Brother!!” Susan squills crossing by me and jump in the man’s arms. When I turn around to see who it was, I see her pouting at the man like a little child. Was she the same girl that made me have a heart attack a few minutes ago? Jack is shaking his head laughing at her tactics. He knows something I don’t, And I stand there like an idiot trying to figure out what is going on here.

The boy, I mean Susan’s brother looks handsome. He has a blue eye which draws me to him immediately. There is a cut on his eyebrow giving him a dangerous look. A smirk sitting on his lips, Sharp nose. His well-built body can

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Zaida Mazura
Time for Mr. Ford to get going on his mate.
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I want to know more about Ron. Let’s how Christian likes his mate checking out Ron

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