Chapter 47

Elizabeth's point of view,

Everybody helped each other to set up the tents and when everything was done I, Sarah and Susan started to prepare for lunch. Vanessa and Koya have brought everything from the grocery store. As we prepared for lunch others started to play volleyball. Tina was sitting near the tree enjoying the view as we did all the work.

She never helped anyone in any works as if she is someone we should all serve. I was not surprised at all. it was so typical of her. I and others didn't mind her as well we were supporting and helping each other and ignored her completely. 

Once done with the preparation everybody sat on the carpet making a circle. laugh, argument, more laugh, testing everything could be seen around us. D and me bickering with each other. Susan and Ron's sibling's quarrel, Madison's lecture, and everyone's debit on whether Mint chocolate is best or worst. I was blessed to have this day with all of them.

The place chose

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Sarah, Susan and I
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Bella Jersey
What is Christian and Chelsea playing at? Is she pretending to be his mate?
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Bella Jersey
Look here comes the rapist for his blood

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