Chapter 187

Jenny sighs, glancing at her phone as she stands outside the airport.

"I can't believe I agreed to this." She says to no one in particular, looking around the crowd of people standing near the exit gates. She was told someone from the Ford family is supposed to pick her up.

As she looks around at the people holding up name cards, she freezes when she sees her name.

Two big men wearing black suits and black glasses, the evident sign of their tattoos creeping up from their necks, is making them stand out the most.

People around them were giving them space, looking terrified to even be around them, eyes glancing towards them once in a while.

They're also probably wondering who Jenny Wilson is.

Jenny wants to slap her head and wonders if she can just slip past those men and get a taxi or something.

But again, she's not in her hometown, and she does not want to disrespect a family that has the most power in this region. She releases a deep sigh and walks toward the two men.

And, of course,
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
The grandfather is a turd lol! Don’t let Christian do something stupid!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Stacey Corbett
I really don't like his grandfather, ready for the old man to die. Trying to break up my favorite couple

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