Chapter 18

Matt was frustrated. Even Prince didn't understand what was wrong with Angela. Initially, she was complaining of being hit on part of her body. Now there was a cut like a knife wound on her arm.

"This is definitely a knife cut" Prince checked her arm again. He had not said anything helpful since he had been examining her.

"We all know it is a knife cut. How did a knife cut suddenly appear on her arm? That's the question" Matt was impatient. Prince who was supposed to shed some light into the matter was In total darkness himself.

"She couldn't turn and the wound is not healing as it should be" he continued sadly.

"Honestly, I don't understand this. But this is surely Sergetti's doing. It is one of his dark magic" he had definitely said the truth. He surely had no idea how all of these was happening.

"You are right about that. It is my doing" Sergetti said unexpectedly. None of them knew when he came in. They just found him standing with them.

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