Meeting Quinn

Quinn's Point of View

I was cuddled up on Jakes couch with my best friend Summer. She was more like a sister to me. I met her at nursery when I was two years old, and we have been inseparable ever since. My dad didn't want anything to do with me and gave money to various nannies to raise me, but I spent more time at Summers house with her mum Clara raising me. It was Clara that wiped my tears and cleaned my scrapes. As Liam got older, he started to look after not only me but Summer too. Clara wouldn't take money for looking after me, so Liam would buy clothes and toiletries and treats and anything he bought for me; he would get the same for Summer. He bought both of us cars for our sixteenth birthday and taught us to drive. The pack knew that whilst my father might not care, future Alpha Liam would do anything for Summer and me.

“Are you even listening to me right now?” I was pulled out of my thoughts by Summer poking my arm angrily. “You are not leaving this pack again without me.”

There was a knock on the door, which saved me from having this conversation with Summer again. She couldn't understand how I could leave her so easily, her words not mine, because it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I shouted, come in, knowing it would be either Liam or Jake as no one else would get through the warriors stationed outside. Liam walked in, and Summer jumped up from the couch and was in his face, hands on her hips. “She is not leaving this pack again without me. If she has to go, then I'm going with her, Liam.”

“Summer, you can't go with her. It's for your safety,” Liam told her gently.

“Everyone knows that the only two people I have are you and Liam. They won't go after an Alpha, but they could hurt you to get to me.”

Summer looked distraught at the thought of letting me go again. Liam stepped forward and pulled Summer into his arms. “If anyone threatened you, Quinn would give herself up in a heartbeat; you know that. Not to mention I already have Quinn in danger; I can't have you in danger too.”

As I watched Liam comfort Summer, I realised someone else was standing in the doorway watching me. I looked over and met the most beautiful caramel eyes I had ever seen. I recognised him from the hospital, Asher's brother and the Alpha of their pack.

“How's Asher doing?” I asked.

“He's doing very well thanks to you”, he told me, giving me a breathtaking smile that made me blush. “He's resting in the hospital with my parents but will be back to normal soon”.

“Sorry”, Liam interrupted “this is Alpha Nathan from Cold Moon, this is Summer and my sister Quinn,” he said, surprising me by using my real name. He must have caught the surprise on my face. “He spoke to Celeste and worked everything else out for himself. Why don't we all sit down? We have something to run by you, Quinn.”

We all sat at the dining table Summer took my hand and squeezed it. That girl could always read me and knew when I needed her. I held her hand tightly as we sat, waiting for Liam to start speaking.

“It's not safe for you here, Quinn. It's your birthday next week, and once your eighteen, dad won't be able to force you to leave with Xavier; and I will be able to get the pack elders on our side when it's made known that Xavier lied about you being his mate, but in the meantime, we need somewhere safe for you to stay. I don't want you on your own anymore as Xavier is getting more desperate now. If it weren't for Asher, he would have you now”. Liam took my other hand, giving me a steady look. “Alpha Nathan has offered to take you to his pack and keep you safe until after your birthday.”

I was stunned into silence. On the one hand, no one would be looking for me at Cold Moon, and it is less than a week, so I could easily hide out there, but on the other hand, I don't know Alpha Nathan; maybe Alpha Xavier recruited him.

“Why can't she stay here? We can stay in Jakes room, and you have plenty of warriors. She doesn't need to leave his suite. I can get everything she needs. We don't know this, Alpha. How do we know we can trust him?”Summer said, near tears jumping up. “I'm sorry, Alpha Nathan, no disrespect, but how do we know you aren't working for Alpha Xavier. We even have people in our pack who have known Quinn since the day she was born stabbing us in the back, and now Liam, you want to hand her over to another Alpha.”

“Summer”, Liam warned. Summer just glared back at him. Summer is probably the only other person besides myself that can get away with speaking to Liam that way, but that's the way it's always been me and summer are a team. If someone hurts one of us, they hurt both of us. I pulled her back down to sit beside me, wrapping her up in my arms as she cried. I looked at Alpha Nathan and found him watching Summer sob and noticed that he didn't look angry at her outburst if anything; he looked upset for her.

“Why don't you come with us? It's only for a week, that is, if that's ok with Alpha Liam”.

At Alpha Nathans words, I felt Summer stop sniffling in my arms. “Really,” she asked softly.

Alpha Nathan nodded, giving her a small smile as she turned to look at Liam, who smiled although he looked pained.

“I hope you know that you are taking the two most important people in my life”. Liam then turned and took one of my hands and one of Summers. “You two know that I wouldn't let you go if I didn't think you would be safe”.

“I promise I will look after them, Liam. You have my word”, Alpha Nathan told him. “We will be leaving in the morning when Asher is released from the hospital. I will call my Beta and ask him to drive down with my two best warriors at daybreak. He won't ask any questions, so only myself and my family will know who you are”. He told me gently, “Do you have any questions for me.”

“No, thank you, Alpha Nathan.”

-Do you think we can trust him- Summer asked through mindlink.

-I think we can, but we will still have each other- I told her, jumping slightly when Summers phone started ringing. She subtly showed me the screen, and I was a little surprised to see it was Celeste calling until I realised she now lived in Alpha Nathans pack. She passed me the phone, and I quickly walked into Beta Jakes office as it was soundproofed.

Me: Hello Celeste

Celeste: Summer

Me: No, it's Quinn

Celeste: Hi Quinn, it was you I was looking for. I heard what happened today. My Alpha phoned and was asking about you. I hope it was ok that I told him.

Me: Yes, Alpha Nathan thinks I should come to his pack until my birthday to keep me safe and Summer too. Can I trust him, Celeste?

Celeste: Yes, he was furious about what Alpha Xavier wanted to do. He's a good Alpha, and I trust him completely.

Me: I think that I trust him. It's just a bit coincidental that Asher was there when I was attacked, and he was creeping me out before the attack. He kept watching me and was the only werewolf who stepped foot in the bar in the three months I was there.

Celeste: Well, thank the Moon Goddess he was; otherwise, things may have ended differently. Asher is a good guy but a bit of a man whore so if he was watching you, it was probably because you were also a werewolf and gorgeous. I just wanted to phone and make sure you were safe.

Me: We will be arriving at your pack sometime tomorrow, so I will see you then, Celeste.

I hung up and went back to the living room and saw everyone sitting just where I had left them. Celeste just wanted to check that I was ok, I told them, handing the phone back to Summer.

Alpha Nathan and Liam left soon after to check on Asher at the hospital and to sort out rooms for Alpha Nathans family to stay in tonight. Summer and I decided to watch a movie but spent most of the night discussing Alpha Nathan and how hot he was. Summer is still unsure whether we can fully trust him, but I believe we can, especially after my conversation with Celeste. Jake came back just before midnight and told us to go to bed, and he would keep guard. Sleep came quickly as it had been a long day, and tomorrow would be another long day with us leaving to go to Cold Moon.

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I get that her friend is worried and they’re close but how old are they supposed to be again because they Summer and Quinn both give me adolescent vibes. They sound and act like children. This book might be a no for me if they continue to act the way they do.
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Danette Foster
Promising to be a great read iam not wanting to stop reading it love it
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Ana Renee Walker
awww sooooooo sweet

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