First Date

The packhouse was busy when we arrived, and Asher flirted with just about every girl we passed, which wouldn't have bothered me if he didn't have his arm around me, causing me to get the brunt of the dirty looks from the girls.

“There was a lot of Jealous girls down there Asher, Did you do that on purpose?” I asked as we walked to the second floor.

“Doesn't hurt to keep them on their toes”, he said, throwing me a wink over his shoulder as he walked into his suite. My phone started blaring, and I fished it out of my pocket, and Nathans name was flashing on the screen.

Me: Hey Nate

Nate: Hey, I'm sorry something came up, and I had to come back to the office. Are you still at the bar?

Me: No, I think I've had enough to drink in the last 24 hour

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goodnovel comment avatar
Okay so if they think her dad knows she’s at that pack, why is she walking around for everyone to see her. It would take two seconds to figure out Summers “friend” from her pack is the one Xavier is Looking for. Her dad already said to Nathan Summer maybe in contact with her.
goodnovel comment avatar
Hahaha I like it that the waitress saw her eye roll. Also at least Quinn can see that Nathan doesn’t let his eyes wander

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