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Sarah made a huge picnic type spread for dinner, and we all sat around the table joking and laughing. There was no fear of being kidnapped by a crazy Alpha trying to make me his mate or a crazy girl wanting my mate. I was just having dinner with my family and friends, and it was glorious. The only downside was that I knew Liam and Megan would be going back to their pack in the morning, and although we were going with them, I knew in a day or two, depending on how long Nathan could be away from the pack, we would be leaving without them.


The only consolation is that they would be together. After everything Megan has been through with her old mate, she deserves a mate that will cherish her, and Liam will do that, and I couldn't be happier that Liam would have a loving mate like Megan.


“Are you ok? You are in your own wee world?” Nathan whispere
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