Quinn's point of view 


“Quinn, Nate, wake up; that's us here.” Summer spoke softly as she leaned over from the front seat and gently shook my arm.


“Sorry, I must have fallen asleep,” I told her, pulling myself up and out of Nathan's arms as he grumbled lightly when I moved away from him.


“Yeah, I didn't have the heart to wake you.” she smiled, reminding me of the first time we drove to Nathan's pack, and I woke up all cuddled into him; she wore the same smile that day, and the glint in her eye told me she remembered.


The door opened, and Asher leaned in with his trademark smirk as he eyed Nathan and me. “You two coming of what.”


“Yes, we are” I pushed Asher back as I climbed out of the car.


We followed Liam through the packhouse up to the Alpha suit. He he
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He’s a good brother :)

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