Sophie and Asher

Quinn's point of view 

We made it to the pack hospital in record time. Asher pulled in seconds behind us, running straight for my door to help me out. Nathan soon scooped me up in his arms and rushed me into the hospital. Amy was waiting for us at the reception desk, chatting to Phoebe. Both of them had huge smiles on their faces.

“How are you feeling, Quinn,” Amy asked as she ushered us into one of the private rooms.

“She’s in labour; her waters broke about half an hour ago, and she’s having contractions.” Nathan barked at her.

“Lay her down on the bed, and we will have a look at her.”

“Where’s Emily? She should be here by now.” Nathan shouted at Amy yet again before his eyes glazed over as he mind linked Emily to hurry up.

“Nate, if
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goodnovel comment avatar
It’s kind of weird how we really haven’t seen Asher and Cara interact at all, or heard her feelings about him sleeping around before they met.
goodnovel comment avatar
Brynn Kowing
I guess Cara and Asher can forget about having a Junior Asher running around lol.

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