Ill Omens (2)

“Alexander! The rock… where is it?”

The prince raised an eyebrow in question, nonetheless, he took the stone in his hand, which sat idly beside him all this time. “This? You were holding this before you fainted. I have to have this investigated.”

Clara snatched the red rock, much to Alex’s surprise, and enclosed her hands around it, afraid that it might disappear. She waited for something to happen; she was patient. She rid her mind of unnecessary things and focused on what she really wanted: the truth. But much to her dismay, it did nothing and it remained like any ordinary rock.

“Why won’t it let me see?” she said on the verge of crying, biting her lip in frustration.

“Let you see what?”

“The past.” A short breathy laugh that was so unusual of her escaped her lips. Her fingers tensed around the red rock. By now, it was not hard for Clara to tell the expression on the prince’s face. Perhaps, he thought she was being crazy. “Do you know what this rock is? W-When you touched it, has som
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