Chapter 10


My blood chills in my veins but his reaction turns out to be different than what I expected.

He lets out a low laugh, soft and deadly. His tongue darts out to wet his lips, tempting my eyes to follow his movement and I cave in.

“ Interesting. ” He whispers under his breath, his breath fanning my face.

“ Next time you try to test me, you must remember one thing…” He lets out, his voice an exotic caress.

Unconsciously, I want to press my thighs together, but I can’t. He is keeping them parted, his body just inches away from pressing against mine - crushing and weighing me down.

I take in a shaky breath, looking deep into his coal eyes.

“ If I lose any more of my men to clear your stupid doubts…” A wry smile curls his lips. I can tell he is not going to say something good.

He leans in, breaking all codes of professionalism like he always does. I squeeze my eyes shut, the sheer intensity of his ga

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