Chapter 11


Agent Vitali takes the notepad from the table and looks down at it. I watch him, my chest refusing to heaving up and down for a moment.

“ This is enough for now. ” He whispers to me, to himself.

Then, Agent Vitali picks up his head and looks directly at me just in time I loose the breath I held back for a while.

He knows I didn’t tell him everything still, but he thinks it’s enough for now. Why? I don’t know and for now, I don’t want to find out either.

Just a little time, that’s all I want besides the death of Nico and destruction of the Thorn Clan.

“ You can go to your room now. ” Agent Vitali takes his piercing eyes off me and tears the pages from the notepad, all the while I continue watching him.

I want to look away, but I can’t. I am caught up in his eyes which are cast down and his lips that are pressed together firmly.

What it might f

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Julia Aniella
I liked this chapter. I am curious what happened to Valentina's family. Probably some mafia related punishment to her father and she was taken as a toy/slave.

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