City of Nowhere

The speed of the train carried Gemma and Jo away from Ayria. Ever since Jo picked up Gemma, he kept asking questions about explosions during their fight, which eventually led Gemma to tell him about the incident at King’s Door. Although Gemma resented hearing Jo’s nagging, she tried to make sense of it. Gemma would also bombard Jo with questions if the same thing happened to him.

“So, the Draconian who was crushed that time, because of the explosion from your hand?”

Gemma nodded.

Since yesterday, Jo had been trying to draw conclusions from his own conjectures, but none of them sounded right.

“Are you on drugs?”

Jo asked Gemma, who had been just staring out the window. She tried to enjoy Elenio’s nature, which contained expanses of meadows, as well as forests in misty valleys. But attempts to distract herself from the bothersome thing don’t work, because Jo keeps talking about it.

Gemma tilted h

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