Chapter 64

Samantha Point of view

We were getting closer and closer to the village. As soon as we did, it was already getting dark. The street light began to light themselves up so we could still see through the becoming darkness. Under one of those streetlights, I see my brother worried but as soon as he saw me he frowns. 

I see him looking at Rai. Rai sees him glaring at him but he doesn't seem to be bothered. He walked over to him and lowered down so I can move off his back. I was about to thank him when Xavier grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as he glares at Rai. 

Rai knew what his problem was. His sister was gone the whole afternoon then suddenly seeing a man carrying her on his back was not as innocent as it seems. He looks over to me and says, "Make sure you treat and clean it."

Xavier looks at me wondering what he was talking about. Rai leaves and Xavier's attention was fully on me. I sat on the bench near us but still does

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