Chapter 25

Mike POV

It had been days since she left the town. I was devastated. I was destroyed and depressed. I searched her everywhere. Every fucking corner of the city but she was gone.

I remembered the day of that party. That bitch Amanda was responsible for 50 percent of the problems that happened here. The rest 50 was mine. If I wasn't the biggest jerk around here she would still be here. She would be here with me, hugging me, holding hands with me.

I waited for her at the party. I was the happiest person in the world. I knew she was in love. I could tell that from the way she looked at me. I was lost in a dream world. I was interrupted by my thoughts from the sound of my mobile phone. It was a call from my beta. I walked to an empty classroom and took my call. We talked for several minutes. I was not aware of the presence behind me until I heard a noise.

It was Amanda. She was standing in front of me. Before I could open my mouth to speak, she grabbed

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