The Kings Mate
The Kings Mate
Author: Beth Venning

Meeting The King

I was sitting watching Netflix on my laptop finally having a lazy day, with work and pack chores I don't get many of these. I sit back smiling but the bedroom door opening breaks my relaxing moment. Emma, my brother's mate, walks into my bedroom, she frantically runs to my mirror fixing her hair.

"We have to go to the pack house, the Alpha's holding a meeting," she tells me still fixing her hair.

The Alpha is really strict when he's holding a meeting, you have to look smart or he gets very angry. I quickly get up fixing myself too, once I was ready we both walk down to see Kyle, my older brother, standing by the door. He sends me a nervous smile, he hated the Alpha but was also rather scared of him.

"You don't have to come Clara, I could tell everyone you're feeling ill" he suggest with a smile, as much as I would love to take him up on his offer, I knew better.

"That won't work, the alpha will hear about it and probably send a doctor over to confirm it, it's fine I'll sit at the back with Grace" I smile opening the front door, everyone walking by all held the same expression, fear.

I walk ahead a little as we make our way to the pack house, everyone was cramming in not wanting to be late. If you were you'd face a rather harsh punishment, the alpha loves his harsh punishments. Once we finally make it in I spot Grace sitting at the back as usual. I wave goodbye to Kyle and Emma walking over to Grace.

She was my only friend here, I'm not much of a people person, actually I hate talking to anyone. She was the only person who cared enough to give me time to warm up to her, everyone else just brushed me off.

"Do you know what this is about?" I ask sitting next to her but she just shakes her head, well that's strange she always knows everything, that's the perk of being her friend!

The hall falls silent indicating the alpha had entered the room, I immediately face forward and still, no sudden movements!

"Pack members, I have held this meeting because I've just had word from the Alpha King that he's coming today, he wants to see if his mate is here" the Alpha began his voice echoing through the room "he'll be here any second, I want you to show him the respect I've taught you, you know what will happen if you don't "he growls, I look down to the floor not wanting to make eye contact with that man.

"Well this is great," I sigh sitting back in my chair crossing my arms, first I have to listen to a crazy man talk and now, the alpha king is gonna come and waste more of my time!

Grace sends me a confused look, fixing her shirt as she went. Come on like the future queen is gonna be sat in this room. I look back at my brother who looked nervously at me, I just shrug my shoulders turning around. Immediately, a smell fills my nose, it wasn't a bad smell but quite the opposite actually.

"It's happening! I wondered why it was taking this long!" My wolf excitedly says, before I had time to process what she says the main doors open, causing the smell to grow stronger.

The Alpha walks over to the door probably to greet the king, I shift in my seat my wolf getting more excited, causing me to get more nervous!

"She's here" I hear a mans voice say, just his voice sending weird shivers down my spine, what in the heck is happening?!

"All she-wolves rise!" The Alpha's voice shouts, I slowly rise to my feet the weird feeling not going away.

"Are you okay?" Grace whispers, noticing my mood changing immediately, I generally didn't know how to answer that question.

"I-I don't know what's going on" I whisper back, the man, who I think was the king, starts to walk down the isles going passed a bunch of girls.

I couldn't see his face as I was near the back, I start to feel like I was sweaty from just standing here, maybe I'm coming down with something. I was fine when I left the house, actually I was fine two minutes ago! Can a cold randomly come on that quick? Maybe a I should have took Kyle's offer, if a doctor did come I'd know what's going on with me!

Row by row the man continues to pass everyone, but still hadn't stopped at a single girl, why was this taking so long?! Our row and the one beside us were the final ones, I was right in the middle which meant I couldn't run off anywhere, I was stuck glued in with a bunch of people!

He stops at the start of our row, the feeling just got stronger and stronger, I decide to look down hoping he'd just pass by me and leave. Could I be dehydrated? After this whole thing ends I'm gonna down a bottle of water.

He begins to make his journey down the row, every step he took the feeling grew stronger and stronger. As I was still looking at the floor I only see his very fancy shoes, they must have been expensive! I mean why spend that much on a pair of shoes? They're just gonna get used and worn after awhile anyway.

He starts to pass but stops, I see him take steps backwards stopping to stand in front of me. Immediately I start to feel a pull towards him, wait what's happening?

"Look up" his deep voice says, once again this sends intense shivers to fire around my body.

When I don't go to move he places his hand under my chin, once our skin touched the sparks make an appearance.

My wolf continues to go crazy, saying things over and over in my head that I didn't understand. He slowly moves my head up, his face slowly revealing itself, the thing standing out most were his eyes. He had forest green eyes that I immediately get lost in, if that's even possible.

"Mate! We've found mate!" My wolf cheers in my head, which finally makes things start clicking in my brain, now the feelings make sense!

"My queen, what's your name?" He asks his eyes not leaving mine for even a second, I go to open my mouth but no words came out, the alpha went to speak but the man in front of me cuts him off "did I ask you?!" He growls, immediately everyone puts their heads down in respect apart from me, well I couldn't really his hand was still under my chin and I didn't actually feel the need too.

"M-my names Clara, Clara Jacobs" I somehow say, I couldn't actually find any words to sum this moment up, which is new for me.

He smiles, slowly moving his hand from my chin but runs it down my arm. His skin rubbing against mine made the sparks fly everywhere, like little fireworks dancing around the places he touched. He finally reaches my hand interlocking our fingers, my hand fit perfectly in his as they were made to be placed together.

"They were" my wolf tells me, right yeah they are, things are happening so quickly I'm forgetting.

He begins to walk me out the isle, I turn back looking at Grace who wore a shocked expression, so no one is gonna help me? He slowly leads me to walk down the stairs, the stares I get from people as we pass burnt holes in the back of my head. Eventually, we reach the bottom where the Alpha and Luna were standing. The Luna sends me a smile, she was always nice while the Alpha just looks me up and down, I don't feel intimidated at all!!

He finally stops walking but turns us so I was now facing the pack, everyone wore the same expression, I think even my face was the same. I take a look up at Kyle, he was shaking his head it seemed as though he was trying to get up, but Emma was preventing him from doing so.

"I have found your Queen, now many of you may feel entitled that you knew her before, that entitlement must end now" the King says his voice held so much power, I turn my attention to the ground as the eyes were just making a feeling of discomfort take over my body.

He dismisses everyone  immediately people start filling out the room rather quickly. Some were even sending me death glares, it's not my fault it isn't like I asked to be his mate! It kind of well happened.

"Now my love, I need to have a word with the Alpha, some of my men will go along with you so you can pack" the king turns to me, wait that means I have to leave, but I don't wanna leave Kyle or Grace and well, Emma I guess.

"Okay your majesty" I say, my eyes just on the ground to maybe show him respect, my nerves were just everywhere at the minute.

"My love, you're the one person who doesn't have to address me by that, it's Grayson to you" he smiles, I just nod still looking at the ground.

"Sorry your maj- I mean Grayson" I smile, he puts his hand under my chin lifting my head to look in his eyes again.

Four mean looking men with swords walk over, they bow their heads towards Grayson than at me, why are they bowing towards me?

"Because you're now queen" my wolf says in a duh tone, oh right yeah keep forgetting that.

"These are my men, they'll protect you while you pack your things" Grayson smiles, I just nod walking out the room the four men surrounding me.

As I make it outside, everyone in the pack were there. Everyone turns to stare at me, now I'm glad I have these four men protecting me, I was not getting good vibes from these people. I start to walk towards my house, the journey felt much longer than it ever has before. The crowd of people would stare at me than move aside, forming a line for me and these men to walk through.

In what felt like forever we stop outside my house, one of the men tell me to stop. He nods to the others before making his way into the house, while I had to remain outside with the other three guys, who were blocking the crowd of people from being up close and personal with me.

"He's making sure no one is hiding in the house your majesty, we don't want anyone to jump out and try to harm you" one of the men tell me, I was much to nervous to ask them what was happening, so I'm glad he answered for me.

I nod taking a look back at the house, if I have to leave I wonder if I'll ever come back here. Wait can I still see Kyle? He's the only family I have, I can't just cut ties with him. Eventually, the man walks out standing by the door with a nod, I make my way down the path but as I get closer I hear Kyle shouting.

When I reach the door, I could see him shouting in the kitchen with his hands on his hips. He feels my presence by the door where he turns to look in my direction, immediately he runs to stand in front of me but the men that were protecting me block him from actually getting close.

"She's my little sister!" He shouts, but the men don't budge from the square they had me in.

"She's also now the queen, it's our duty to protect her" one says his face just straight with no emotion, I guess it's his job "now move aside, the queen has to pack her things" he continues, this seems to annoy Kyle more who leans back going to punch the man in the face.

The guy dodges his attempt, but in a second Kyle is tackled to the floor. He fought against the guy but he was no match. Another guard man places his hand on my arm, where he begins to lead me up the stairs asking where my bedroom was located. I walk in front opening the door, he holds his finger up walking in the room first looking around, did he really have to scope my bedroom out? No one would be hiding in there!

"All clear, I'll just be outside the door your majesty" he says with a bow of the head, I smile with a nod but place my back against the door once it closed.

I remain by the door for a second, trying to get my head around what just happened. I'm queen.

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Melissa Wilson
Wonder why she didn't say something for Kyle?
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why didn't she interject with her brother unless she doesn't like him much

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