Chapter 21

"Grandpa! ... I have to talk to you."

Kabir Dada asked, "Where are you?"

"I'm sitting in my casino office."

"I'm coming in half an hour." As soon as he said this, he told the driver to go to Pasha's hotel. Exactly half an hour later, he was entering Pasha's office. Seeing him, Pasha stood up and greeted him. He left his chair. He had never sat on this chair in the presence of Kabirdada.

Kabirdada inquired as he sat on the swivel chair. "Please." They were both alone there, Kabirdada's bodyguard and Azeem had stopped outside.

"What can I ask for food and drink?" Pasha looked very serious.

"Tell me about coffee and I don't have much time." Saying this, Kabirdada glanced at his watch.

Picking up the intercom, Karpasha said two cups of coffee and turned t

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