1942, February, or March

Sometime in February or March 1942, Cecil was summoned to the Headquarters of the Government of Burma in Rangoon and told that he must immediately go down to the battle-front which was then about 60-70 miles south-west of Rangoon.

Cecil needed to deliver a message to the General in Command that the withdrawal must cease, if not, the whole campaign would be jeopardized because the Japs were hammering at the gates of Rangoon.

Cecil thought that the implication of the order seemed unusual, and he should have been in uniform. But, he knew that an order is an order which he needed to follow. He talked with his Kachin boy who declined to accompany him to the battle-front because the boy was not allowed to take his bicycle with him.

Cecil went off alone, taking a supply train to the battle area which was on the far side of the Sittang River over which the long steel bridge was still intact. He jumped a supply tr

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