Chapter 2

"Belle! Belle wake up!" Nagising ako sa nakakarinding sigaw ni Marj.

Hinilamos ko ang aking palad sa aking mukha. "What's the fuss?"

"You need to see this, get up Belle. Now!" She said in a hurry.

I abruptly got up and she hold my hand and drag me near the window.

I was terrified of what I was looking at right now. Ang daming tao na nakahiga. Para lang silang nahimatay. I almost cringe at the sight.

Before I can touch the window to open it, Ace immediately close the curtains in order to block the view.

"Stay away. Don't go out. The Virus may not airborne but it was still infectious. If you don't want to be infected, then stay still and never go out. Well, you can go out but you need to cover up. From the tip of your hair to the bottom of you feet." She said then walked out of the room. "And oh, one more thing. Be careful."

Napaupo ako sa sahig pagkalabas ni Ace. It was horrible. Just the mere thought na patay na lahat ng nakahiga dun sa kalsada ay nakakakilabot. We should really need to be careful.

Marj caress my back as she helps me got up. Nanginginig ang mga paa ko. Pinaupo niya ako sa kama at lumabas agad siya ng kwarto. Pagkabalik niya may dala na siyang isang basong tubig.

"Drink it." She said.

After a minute or so, tahimik lang kami. Parehong nakatingin sa labas ng bintana. The scene before our eyes is unimaginable. It's too cruel.

Biglang may kumatok sa kwarto kaya napabaling ang tingin namin do'n. "Ate Belle, ate Marj, pinapatawag po kayo ni ate Ace."

Lumabas kami ng kwarto at pinuntahan si Ace sa sala.

"Why?" Tanong ni Marj pagkaupo namin sa couch.

Ace sighed. "Lalabas ako ngayon."

"No! I won't let you Ace! No way!" I said hysterically and stood up.

"Listen Belle. I need to do this, okay? I need to report and find shelter. I can't reach the headquarter, maybe something happened, so I need to go to the hospital and use the emergency communication." She explained.

Naiintindihan ko, pero natatakot ako na baka pati siya magaya nung mga tao na nasa labas. Napaupo ulit ako at umiyak lang ng umiyak.

Ace decided not to go out, as per my request. Mas mabuting dito nalang kami. I know it's selfish, but I treasure them. Ayokong mawala sila sakin.

"Sab, Max. Go to your room. Tatawagin ko nalang kayo mamaya pagkakain na." Napalingon ako kay Ace ng sinabi niya yun sa mga bata.

The two obliged. While here we are. Sitting around the kitchen counter.

"The said virus is already on our country. It spread like wild fire in just a day. Many citizen that hasn't been notified is now laying on the ground. Some were retrieve and quarantined to study their body, the effects and what might be the cause."

Napatingin kami sa tv ng bigla itong in-on ni Marj. She then run towards the window and peek outside.

"They're being retrieve." Sabi niya.

Lumapit naman ako sa kanya para makita kung ano ang tinutukoy niya.

I saw people in full body suit trying to lift a person up and carry them towards the car. I bet they're doctors.

"I have full body suit in my stroll bag. we can use it for emergencies." Ace said as she saw my worried face looking out on our window.

I sighed. I made the people around me worried over me, again. I suck real bad. I'm always acting like a badass bitch but I'm such a worry-some and a cry baby most of the time. Shesh, this attitude of me really annoys the hell out of me.

I rolled my eye, annoyed at my thoughts.

Marj patted my back and smiled at me warmly, melting my pissed feeling away. Yep, this is what Marj is good at. Comforting people through her smile.

"Everything will be alright. We just have to be safe 'til then." She said softly as she caress my back.

I also smiled, knowing her, she won't stop comforting and say soothing words 'til i won't be okay.

"I'm okay, don't be worried. I can handle myself, i'm a badass bitch, remember?" I joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere. She smiled again with a hint of silliness and I was relieved. Good.

Ace took our attention when she show us some full body suits that we badly needed when going out. Flashlights and some gauge tape incase of emergencies.

"We'll use this incase of emergencies. Specially, as y'all know, when we go out." She said strictly as if warning as.

Psh, such a cold one. Oh well, what can I say against the great doctor Ace Sandiego.

I stood up and made my way towards the sink. I washed my face with water, maybe this will wake me up. Grr!

I checked the time 10:17 am. It's almost lunch time. I faced Marj and throw her a knowing look.

She nodded and started checking the fridge. "What should I cook for lunch Ace?" She asked.

"Anything will do." Ace replied.

I was just tapping the kitchen sink as Marj prepared something to cook. A phone ringing caught all our attention as we looked at Ace, she answered the call and took some steps away from us. Must be something confidential. A call from work maybe. I sighed as I continued tapping the kitchen sink.

A minute or so later, Ace came back.

She faced us, "Rye will be here in around," she looked at her wrist watch and continued, "3:30 pm on the afternoon."

My brows furrowed, "What will he be doing here anyway?" I asked. I relaxed my body as I continued, "oh well, it's better if he'll be here with us. That'll assure me for sure."

Hours passed and it's almost 3:30 pm, Rye will be here soon. Can't wait, I miss that fella also.

Ace called us as she have this doggy smile on her lips. "What's with your smile?" I asked.

"He's here." She stated excitedly.

I covered my mouth in shock, "You mean him?" She nodded as she's also trying her best to stop her excitement.

The three of us shared a knowing look before racing towards the door and laughing our ass out.

Ace was the one who unlocked the door, we are trying to stop our screams of excitement as we saw Rye with full body suit. He immediately entered the house and locked the door again. We are just keeping our distance from him as he's disinfecting himself and took off the full body suit.

By the time that he is well-cleaned, we raced our way towards him, and hugged him, more like squeezing the hell out of this guy. We laughed at his face as it seems like he didn't expect that much squeezing from us.

"How was your flight?" Marj said.

"Did you bring us some souvenir from states?" I said together with Marj.

He laughed and calmed us down. "Okay girls, calm down. I'll answer your questions later, but for now, let me have some rest. Damn, my flight was tiring."

We nodded our head in unison and led him to the way towards an empty room. Of course we cleaned it first. Making sure it is shiny and dust-free. We all know that Rye is a clean freak, specially when it comes to his room. Perks of being a doctor. Always wants his things and surrounding to be well-cleaned.

He sighed, "I know that look Belle." He said and point his thing on the side. "Lahat nang pasalubong ko, andoon. Check it out, it has name cards, so suit yourselves." He said before slamming his body on the bed.

And once again, the three of us raced our way towards Rye's belongings and took everything out. Nagkalat ang mga gamit sa sahig, chini-check namin ang mga pasalubong na para sa amin. And guess what, I got a new Channel bag, damn, this is expensive. He also bought an Armani shirt for me, and take note, all of this stuff is not fake, they were all real and damn expensive. I can't hide my excitement and happiness as I hugged the things that Rye bought for me. Damn, this is why I love it when he'll be home, because he will definitely bring another branded things.

I brought the things that was for me, on my room and still looking at them admiringly. I'm still damn amazed everytime.

Ace took a peek at the things that Rye bought for me. "Yours and Marj's looked so expensive, but mine isn't." She pouted. I laughed at her.

"Of course, you're his sister, he knows you can afford this branded things that he bought for us." I said.

She rolled her eyes, "And the both of you can't? Psh." She also rebut. I just laughed at her.

She sighed, "Marj, ready our dinner. I'll just take some rest, I'm hella exhausted." She said as she also slammed her body against the bed.

Me and Marj looked at each other before shrugging our shoulder. The stress might be already taking a toll on Ace.

As Marj prepared our dinner I also closed my eyes, maybe I'll take a nap.

And in less than a minute, I was fast asleep.

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