A Fairy Tale

The sound of chirping birds fell onto Ruyi's ears. She moaned from the streaming sunlight against her face and wondered how long she had been asleep for. Suddenly, she felt a feathery sensation caressing her cheeks, it was so soft yet tickling. "You look even more gorgeous while sleeping, my Princess". Ruyi heard a familiar voice and came to her senses. With a mental sigh she allowed her brain to focus and cautiously open her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes, only to be met with a pair of glittery ones looking at her with much affection.

While exchanging glances, Ruyi recalled their last night, a flush ran down her body and she quickly pulled the duvet over her head to hide her face.

The Prince bursted out laughing looking at his wife's adorable act.

"My dear, since you are shy, I w

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