Chapter Sixty-two

With the sword in hand, Rio’s confidence was boosted. His doubts have vanished from his heart and mind which had haunted him for quite a long time since Deadrei’s abduction.

Indeed, it was a good opportunity to take all the matters at hand and end Augustus’s life once and for all.

Rio looked at himself in the mirror, convincing himself that he can do it. He picks up the sword and then went on his to the town hall.

Leonard was waiting for him outside his door and asked him what took him so long to get out of his room. Rio just shook his head and did not reply to Leonard’s sarcastic remark.

The two of them walked side by side on their way to the mansion.

Dante was at the entrance of the town hall smoking.

He saw the two of them approaching so he throws the almost finished cigarette at the metal bin near the post, he then turned his heel in the direction of the meeting area.

Prometheus and the three

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