Chapter 10

" what else do you have to say ? "

" What I have to say is that no matter what I will have her at all costs and even lover boy Jackie will not stop me , what ever is mine will surely be mine , I do not care about anyone , okay ? She belongs to me and not Jackie even if she does not know , can someone not make a mistake ? Huh ? The only mistake I made was not just telling her how I felt in the first instance "

" What if you even told her how you felt about her and she rejects you , what will you do ? Huh ? You would do nothing , Chris, you know what ? Just forget about her ,okay ? She is not meant for you ,it is just a one sided love, that is how I actually see it okay? "

" Tom , if only you have fallen in love before ,you will understand what I mean.This young lady we are talking about has been in my heart for the past four months , how do you expect me to just forget her like that ? Huh? It is not possible, to me, I believe there are still things that can be


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