Chapter 46

She stared at herself for the last time and went out. The driver was shocked to see that she only wanted to have a change of clothes, that was why she had him drive her to her house, could it be that she is into Mr Jack? He thought as he stared at her. She looks seductive, 

"Miss Nina, so what was that thing you forgot that made me drive all the way here?" He asked hoping she would say something else.

"Mind your damn business, I have given you the money you want, what I do is none of your business!" She said rudely again.

"Oh really? Or could it be that you wanted to have your clothes changed and you asked me to drive all the way here? You sure are a desperate person!" He said again deliberating annoying Nina.

"How many times do I have to tell you to mind your damn business? Huh?" She fired at him as she murmured incoherent words. The driver smirked as he saw her mood change and continued, " you see, Miss Nina, you look like a desperate slut in these

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