Chapter Thirty

Camilla's POV

It was just getting dark when we got to a warehouse that seemed just off the outskirts of the part of Mexico where we lived. It was dark and I was getting really cold but I didn't think that telling these guys would help me at all. 

The only thing that was on my mind right now was how my kids were. I knew that Ballo wouldn't rest until he found me, Derek, too. 

The car came to a halt and the next thing I knew I was being pulled out of the car although not as aggressively as I had expected. 

The funny part was that I wasn't even scared. I just didn't know how to feel about all this. I was a bit happy because I would finally know the person that was after us but another part of me wondered if I would come out of this alive. 

I was dragged into the warehouse and I was stunned because the inside looked nothing like the outside. It was magnificent. The floors were marble, a big crystal fountain was posi

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