"So, this is your room. You will be staying here, at least till we've found out who is after your sanity and life." Melvina said, opening a door which led to airy interiors of a beautiful room, as she held on Emma's backpack with her left hand, glad that the human had followed them voluntarily, without protesting.

"I thought I would have been staying with Maya in her room.." Emma implied, walking into the room and looking the room. The room was the same as the others, or well Maya's, since her friend's room was the only one she had been in since her stay here, that and the hospital room. The room was neither large or small, just tethering in the middle, with its deep blue washed walls and peachy dots. It was just like mixing a male favorite and a femaley; blue and peach. 

She wondered if there was a belief behind that. She also wondered if Derek's room would have the same wall paints. She would have to visit it later. It reminded her th

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