Eva was dreaming again.

She was lost in the forest again, just like the first one.

'Hello.' She kept saying, as she trudged through the forest which was besotted by a spooky and creepy silence.

She looked around her, hoping for a sigh of her brother or her family, but there was no one in her line of sight.

She kept on walking, until she stumbled into an open area, with a bare ground. There were no grasses in that strange circular area, which was quite unnatural for a forest region.

'Hello…' She said again, wondering where everyone was.

She stopped walking as she heard a fast movement behind the trees surrounding the open area.

Terrified, she looked around her, her heart beating faster, as she had an inkling of what would happen next. She had had this dream for five consecutive times.

She knew when the beast came to stand behind her. She bit her lips, as she felt it touch her on the shoulder.

"Look at me Eva." It said, as usual, in her brother's voice.

But this time, she refused to tur
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