6:30am, Zipfarah's Palace.

"Emma, you can't be seen anywhere out of these walls..." Prescott tried to advise Emma for the umpteenth time. She was bending down to fix the lace of the tennis shoes which Lily had brought for her some minutes ago. They were all preparing to meet the Queen. She had called for a royal meeting, which also involved the elders.

"Prescott, I have to go. He is in trouble." She said, standing up from the bed, as she was done with her dress up. Her eyes stretched far to the horizon of the door, seeking to see Lily or her twin, but her expectations were cut off.

Where were they?

She needed to be in inner court with the queen, before those elders stomped in. She feared that if she got in any late, they might start up their bantering again which had the ability to take over the whole day.

"He is a werewolf. You are a human. Of what help could you possibly be to him?" Prescott asked, finding her reply ludicrous.

"I don't know Prescott. I don't know. I just have a stro
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who was she
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Love the squirrel ......

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