Derek heard the first knock, the second and the third knock, but it didn't spur him out of his bed. He felt so weak and tired that movement would be a huge responsibility at the moment. He just wanted to stay on the bed, without being disturbed by anyone. He wanted to cry ever since last night, but the tears refused to come out, but his heart bled, his wolf has been silent too. He was alone in this misery. Perhaps, if he was an ordinary human, he would have thought of committing suicide. But he wasn't that. He was now an Alpha with a pack to run, and he had denied his mate for the sake of the same pack.

Was it worth it? He thought, rolling to the other end of the bed, hoping for a way he could stop the pain in his heart, especially as he remembered the words of Emma last night. She had of course known that she was his mate, and she had gone ahead to reject him. But he didn't really blame her. He had denied her first, and not just privately, but in public. Who does that? He wondered, h
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Annette Barber
great i am so glad ur story's is back .

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