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"Okay, well, here goes," I mumble with a grin, and Samantha laughs as I push open the front door that one of the guys must have fixed.

As we step in, I don't spot anyone in the living room, which surprises me. I figured they would all be waiting, ready to jump on us the second we were inside the door.

"That's weird," I mumble, and Samantha looks around curiously with Angelica tucked safely in her arms.

"Where are they," she asks, and I shrug before testing my nose to answer the question.

"Smells like they are all...oh, I get it. Come on, love," I say with a grin as I place my hand on Samantha's lower back.

"The house looks nice. Cozier with all this stuff. I love the paintings," Samantha comments as we head to the mother-in-law suite in the back of the house.

"My mother and sister like to paint, so most of the work is made by them," I reply to keep her distracted.

She smiles and nods as we continue, but right as we get to the door, Samanth
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OMG waiting for the updates might get me..Loving this book so far ............
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Melody Cawthra
I’m liking Dan more & more!

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