Chapter 4: First Taste Of The Forbidden Pie





"Please open the door, Sophia !" I kept knocking hard at her pink coloured bedroom door and tried opening it when I didn't receive any response, Damn it is locked. I desperately needed to apologize to Sophia, I don't know for what exactly but I feel really bad. It's been all my fault, when was the last time we had an alone time with cuddles and all. Six months or what, that's if I remember clearly, we kiss a lot but I just don't get the butterflies and all jittery, the most embarrassing is anytime we try to get on it and I can't seem to get hard. "Sophia ...!" I shouted before slumping down and sitting on the cold tiles, my back resting on the door. I don't want to believe anything is wrong with me, "Maybe you're getting tired of Sophia she has been your only girlfriend since high school and needed a change of flavor huh" my subconscious mind kept taunting me. "Nahhh, We had breakups in between which I salvaged. Besides, sometimes you can't help it but have one or two lies especially when they are being thrown at you from all angles, different kinds of beauty. Especially when you are popular on the football team, girls practically throw themselves at me. Hot nasty freaky girls!" You guys should know this better than me. "Yeah right, as if any girl can get hotter than Sophia. I mean have you seen the state of her body...mad!" I laughed at the silly thought my mind was cajoling especially with the song rhyming part. Mehn, I shouldn't be smiling at this moment. "Sir, is there any problem?" The maid asked, looking at me with a small voice. "Uhh, do you happen to have the spare key to Sophia 's room?" I asked desperately. "No, it's with the house manager. I can check it for you, Hope Miss Sophia didn't misplace hers..?" But I'm here to see her. "Sophia? Is Sophia not inside her room?" She eyed me looking surprised before replying "No, she didn't come back since you both left this evening " "Okay, forget about the keys" I dropped the conversation without saying goodbye. I need a fucking drink, make that drinks. I kept driving around town, not wanting to go to any of the popular bars we hang out at with the boys... Don't want to start answering unnecessary prying questions like where Sophia is and how come we aren't together on a Valentine evening. Besides, I stopped the Valentine party happening at our place because I wanted it to be just Sophia and me. I turned on the volume of the hard rock playing in my car even though my whole attention is far and somewhere scary. I refuse to believe that there is something wrong with me down there! "No! Never! " I am an alpha, hot, handsome and fit healthy male species...I kept repeating the mantra till I reached a bar. My g****e maps directed me to the "Las Vegas" outskirts of town. Perfect spot. It was pretty late and there was no queue or baseless time-wasting protocol. I confidently nodded at the only bouncer at the door before walking into the dim large building with colorful neon lights. I looked towards my left appreciating the bar setting and how cool the waiters look using roller skaters effortlessly, then to my right spotting the bar. "A shot, no make that a bottle of something really strong". I looked around, the love-themed Valentine touches to the calendars and background song once again reminded me of my failed knight still wondering where Sophia went, she is not answering my phone calls. I hope she is safe. I prayed silently. Sophia: Hey Babe, come home and you ain't in. We need to talk, love ya. Sent an hour later and there was still no reply. "There you go..." I took the first shot and it burnt my throat hitting the right spot "Ahh, exactly how I like it" I poured three shots at once before I remembered the football practice tomorrow, I shouldn't be drinking but "oh well" I finished a whole bottle by the time I had finished my 2nd bottle, I feel lightweight but this wouldn't do, I haven't forgotten about any of my damn troubles, especially Sophia's. "Another button," I said hitting the tabletop to get the goofy bartenders attention "Button...?" "Button, bottle, bucket or..." Damn, what was I supposed to say again? I cracked my head to remember the right word "I think you have had enough" came a calm voice from behind me. The hands wearing a nice wristwatch picked the bottle from my front and handed it back to the bartender who just nodded and the fuck "I am not some pussy from Disney who needs saving. Give me back my drink you punk!" Silently praying that came out as confident as I meant it and not the slurry way I am feeling or hearing myself talk. "Right, then stop behaving like one," said the person who was now sitting on the stool beside mine. I gave him my most intimidating look from his nerdy hairstyle to the jeans and black leather jackets. Probably those goody panty nerds but looks cool though. I mean who comes to bar these likeikethis and finish it off with medicated glasses. "My bottle!" I hit the table looking at the indecisive bartender who just shook his head as if to say "not my problem" and went ahead to place the bottle in front of me. Ignoring Nerd's look. Mr Nerdy once again shocked me by picking the fuck-my-sorrow bottle and shove it back to the bartender "What the fuck man " I stood getting pissed off, this man should stop making me more angrier doesn't want to see the beast in me. "Here is the card please" The stupid bartender collected Mr Nerdy's card and swiped it. Like, this is crazy and very insulting "I can pay for my fucking drink Man" I shouted pushing Mr Nerdy's card with as much force as I could muster ignoring the looks from people around and noticing one of the bouncers coming in towards us. "Why don't we do this like real men then?" Mr Nerdy dared me, looking all calm and surprisingly unshaken by my hard push. "You want to fight?" "Looks like you are badly in need of one buddy," He said, already walking out of the bar. I pulled at my messy hair, hands-on my hip.No body dares me, not Lucas Edgar. I followed him outside just to meet this punk-looking unfazed, standing at the driver's door of the latest edition of the electric car which was opened. Nice ride, but was not about to tell him that to his face. "Let's get this done with Nerd" "Nerd, huh? Hop in. The gym is close by " That's how this complete Nerd of a punk, interrupted my drinks, dared for a fight and now putting me in a confusing yet exciting dilemma. I should just go back home and sleep. It's already past 11 pm. Besides tomorrow is till a school day or you should show him who the man is and not chicken out. Look at all those guns behind these white sleeves my unconscious mind whispered. "Where to? " I asked while strapping on the seatbelt. "You will see" and to crown this as the weird thing that happened today.This dude winked at me before zooming off to only God knows where hopefully not a serial killer's dungeon. We rode in silence listening to Michael Jackson's only school song playing over the radio. I was expecting it to be at least the normal gym you and I are familiar with. As a fit footballer, it's safe to say that I know almost all the gyms in this state but this building does not even look like a gym in the first place. Talk less of checking out to see if I have ever exercised here. He said something to the security guard at the gate and he drove us towards the back of the building, folks I would be lying to you guys if I don't admit that my heart has picked up and I might be getting scared. "We are here, let's fight," He said awkwardly. "Prude, you can't offer your guest a drink huh" "I think you have had enough and need to let out that steam using a more fitting manner " "Are you a shrink or something?" "You never know, honestly I missed and frustrated too. Looks like you will be a good wrestling partner. The air was cold and I was following Mr Nerdy as he led us to what seemed like a private beach. " Wrestling...what?"I am harder. This guy is funny. "Are you serious, you want to do this?! " "Ready when you are" he removed his shoes and started rolling the tips of his trousers" "Mind you, ignore the fact that I am wearing a shirt that makes me look like a dork or something. I happen to be a professional quarterback and the gym happens to be a piece of cake. Do you want to do this?" I am already enjoying the feel of the sand beneath my legs, pent up with excitement. He didn't reply to me but instead pushed me hard towards the sandy area and I dodge him. That's how we started throwing punches and blows at each other. He was surprisingly strong and had good stamina . We kept fighting, the blows were getting intense and I could start feeling the pain and this electrifying tension building up. Hell, I was already getting a mini hard-on. "Is this all you have got at quarterback?!" He shouted while missing a punch from me and I dived in with a hard blow on his face knocking him out "You asked for it " feeling proud, I stood waiting for him to come up which he did with his jaw turning purple. I must say, this is one of the violent yet therapeutic ways of feeling alive and forgetting everything else for the moment. He stood up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, obviously buying out time , "pretty impressive abs" my subconscious mind whistled. Shut up, since when do I notice guys' abs when I am surrounded by strong men almost all day at the field, gym or practice. I was dazed for a split second and didn't see his movements towards me as he hurled my left arm, sidekicked me with his leg and pinned me to the ground. Damn. He was breathing hard, so I was getting hard with him all over. The chilled atmosphere became so intense with his weight on mine and why on earth is this prude looking at me like that, this is all a dream. I closed my eyes to make sure it was a dream when I felt his hands gently curly up and brushing my front hair that I took extra time styling some hours ago, his minty breath all over my face, dangerously close to my lips. "Mmmm" the soft moan broke my heart into thousands of stars.


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