4. A Stranger In The Dark


I shifted mid-run, feeling the thing behind me run faster. It wasn’t a rogue I knew that much. I couldn't see where I was going, but I kept running, my ankle screamed at me in protest, and I stumbled a few times. 

Although my mind screamed at me to turn and look at what was chasing me, a basic instinct. One which was of no use to me I wouldn’t be able to see. I hit a wall and growled, turning I knew I had to fight, or I was done for. I lashed out but I was knocked to the ground. I could hear it approaching as I got up once again. I felt it sniffing me and I tensed, did it not want to kill me. I was wrong, the next thing I felt was something bite into my neck making me howl in pain. The wound stung and I felt my body force itself to shift. My shoulder was aching painfully. 

A loud growl ripped through the air, and I felt something push my attacker off me. I couldn't see but I could hear a fight going on. Biting, growling and the sounds of bones breaking. The smell of blood filled the air and then silence. I tried to sit up, but my neck and shoulder were burning up. 

‘Liam’ I called through the link weakly. I couldn't say anything as I felt exhausted, I heard footsteps and I crossed my arms over my chest. Wishing I could see. An intoxicating woody scent filled my nose laced with male musk and smoke. I licked my lips, something about it was extremely pleasant.

“Who are you?” I asked, my voice calm and in control despite the pain, I was feeling.

“Someone who fucking saved you pup,” came the most delicious voice I had ever heard. My heart skipped a beat at the rugged tone that seemed to make my skin hum. 

“Kia!” I hear Raven’s voice and the sound of running. Before I could say anything, I felt the man leave and I wished he hadn't. 

“Oi! What the…” Damon said 

“Fuck Kia!” Liam said and I felt him pulling his shirt over me before scooping me into his arms.

“She’s injured. Oh god.” Raven said, sounding panicked.

“I’m fine,” I said, sounding weaker than I wanted.

“What the hell was that…” Raven asked as I felt myself being placed in the car; Raven got in next to me pulling me into her arms. 

“Something chased me, and someone saved me…” I said quietly. The thought of the deep voice making my stomach flip.

“Well, whoever the fuck he was, he was fast. He grabbed that thing and vanished.” Damon said. The car fell silent as we drove home, I knew dad was going to flip and I didn’t want him knowing what happened. I stared out at the passing streetlights. It seemed only the cinema area had been affected.

“Get me to my bedroom, Liam. Do not tell mum or dad about this. Please.” I said weakly.

“We need you checked.” Liam said curtly.

“I’m warning you, Liam, just listen to me!” I snapped.

“She’s kinda right uncle El will cut your balls off,” Raven said. The two young men exchanged looks and nodded, sighing. We all knew that was true.

“But you need to clean that wound.” Damon added

“I’ll do it for her and stay the night with her. If she gets a fever or anything I’ll let you guys know.” 

“You can’t even mind-link,” Liam remarked. Raven leant forward flicking the back of his neck 

“I can come to your room! You don’t live across the pack lands do you, dunce!” 

“Ok chill out bitesize!” 

I sighed leaning back and closed my eyes, ignoring their banter. Tonight had ended unexpectedly and once again, I had to be saved.


I was finally in the comfort of my room. Relieved that mum and dad were in their room. They definitely weren’t asleep. We all knew that. The two were the most in-love couple I have ever seen, and their sex drives were something else. Thank God for soundproof walls. 

The walls to my room were textured dusky pink paint with a sparkle of shimmer in it. The wooden floor was covered with a plush pink rug and my bed and furniture were grey. Whilst my bedding was grey and white patterned print, there was a floor-length window that was covered in white and pink organza curtains. A book corner, containing rows of books, diaries, and my candle collection was on the left of the door. On the floor in front of the shelves were several cushions, where I would usually sit to read or write.

On the wall opposite to the bed were my wardrobes and set in the middle was my vanity table with a mirror. I had two-floor lamps and a glitter lamp. Around my headboard and curtains there were strings of fairy lights. 

This was my haven, a place I didn’t need anyone’s help. Where I felt capable and where I wasn’t constantly fussed over.

I was currently sitting there in Liam’s shirt as Raven dabbed antiseptic on my shoulder.

“We should have got Liam to lick it, you know alpha saliva helps.” 

“Eww gross that’s more intimate. He can lick you, but he isn’t touching me!” I retorted in disgust.

“Oh, come on! I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded.” 

“I know he wouldn’t but no thank you!” I was relieved when she placed plasters on all the gaping marks where I was bitten and let me relax back. 

“It doesn't look like a wolf's bite…” she said now serious. 

“I don’t think it was. it didn’t sound like one.” I said shuddering slightly

“Who saved you? any idea?” 

“I don’t know, but he wasn’t from this pack.” I said quietly. Remembering his smell and the way his voice sounded.

“Your heart's racing.” Raven said, looking at me curiously. I looked at her, I didn’t have any secrets from her. We both told each other everything.

“His voice was sexy… like really sexy…” I said dropping back onto my bed. Ravens’ eyes widened as she got onto the bed on her knees staring at me, wide eyed.

“Whoa really? Like panty-dropping charming?” she asked. I raised an eyebrow.

“More like panty wetting charming. Is that even a term?” 

She gasped and smacked my leg

“Damn, I wish…” she stopped, a flicker of guilt crossing her face, I knew what she was going to say.

“Don’t. I wish I saw him too… if his voice and scent had anything to it. He would be pretty hot.” I said, staring at my ceiling. The light from my glitter lamp casting sparkly patterns on it.

“What did he say?” 

“He said he’s the one who saved me…” I said pouting, remembering his words. She lay next to me, placing her arm over my waist, “Now thinking of it, he called me a pup. Hmph.” I turned to my side unhappy with that. Raven laughed.

“Well, I'm sure if you gave him a little show rather than try covering yourself, he’d realise you weren’t just a pup.” 

“Raven! Go to sleep!” I groaned. 

“Alright, alright!” she said from behind me, and I knew she’d be out like a light.

I turned off the other lamps from the switch near my bed, staring at the silver glitter that swam in the pink water. Raven’s breathing became rhythmic and sure enough, she was fast asleep rather quickly. But I couldn't sleep, the same thoughts consuming my mind.

Who was he and why was he in our territory?

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