7. Towel & Tattoos


Dad was blowing things way out of proportion, blaming Liam for something that wasn’t even his fault. We were in the family lounge, although we were keeping our voices low. Everyone was tense and pissed.

"Alright, I get it. I’m sorry!" Liam said closing his eyes, trying to be the calmer one.

"Dad enough!" I said frustrated. Mum frowned, placing a hand on dads chest. She was angry we had lied but what did they expect? They always blamed Liam and I hated it.

"Elijah. Enough. She’s ok and you need to stop thinking she’s a baby." I gave mum an appreciative smile. If anyone understood it was her, I just wished the others did too. I hated that Liam already blamed himself and now dad was only making matters worse.

"I get it, I messed up. I should have stayed with her until she came out of the bathroom." Liam said frowning. I shook my head, hell no.

"Dad! Liam! I left the cinema of my own will. If I just returned to the screening room, I

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love the book so far can't wait to finish it
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Love the book

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