10. Chocolate


"Why?" Scarlett asked, frowning.

"My guess. You." I said, it was the only logical suggestion. Scarlett had abilities a normal wolf didn’t. The couple exchanged looks and Elijah pulled Scarlett into his arms. Kissing her neck, he inhaled deeply. I could sense the possessiveness and concern rolling off him as his mate tried to calm him, stroking his arms.

"I’ll be fine." She said softly.

"Mm. That would obviously insinuate that someone was sending them and that they are working with a goal." I said, frowning as I remembered how the Wendigo hadn't attacked Kiara either. Did it hesitate because she perhaps had Scarlett’s scent? Or did she have an ability too?

"So, someone from the shadows?" Elijah asked, his arms still wrapped around his mate.

"There’s definitely somewhere these things are coming from. Whoever they are, they’re smart. I’m still bringing up a fucking blank and I’ve looked. So that’s why I'm here. I will have some

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Angie Daugherty
love this book
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Can’t wait for them to figure it out. Mate
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Alisha Day
uh oh someone's in trouble

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