12. One Chance


This was fucking fun. The fucker was good, but not good enough. With each hit, I went faster. He was trained well, probably up to par with my top warriors, but nowhere near as good as me. I had just elbowed him in the neck, when my eyes fell on Kiara.

She was sparring with her brother, blindfolded. I blocked the Beta’s attacks, my eyes on her. If I thought she let her sight or ankle hold her back, I was wrong, way fucking wrong. She moved like an assassin and I had to admit it was sexy.

Was it weird that I was checking out a girl who was barely legal? This was fucking messed up. An image of her clad in lingerie and wrapped around a pole entered my mind and I dragged my eyes away.

I needed a fucking distraction from her. I focused on the man in front of me, a little bored with the fight now. With a few punches, I knocked him to the ground before twisting his arm behind his back about to break it when I heard a groan and a giggle. I let go of

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one chapter a is not good. it's a turn off
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Cristhian J. Fallas
pinche chismoso jajajjajaja
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He keep putting her on blast cus he hate that he likes her

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