127. This Life


I looked up as the door was flung open.

"…is inside." Darien was saying.

Scarlett gasped as she stared at us, whilst Darien flipped the light on.

Did they really not know how the fuck to knock? Elijah looked pale as fuck looking between us both.

"You are awake!" Scarlett exclaimed, rushing over as she glanced at me before turning back to Kiara. "You had the baby! Oh, hun…"

Was she always so fucking loud? She looked chubbier than before, I frowned as I looked at Kiara as she was squeezed by her mother. Why hadn’t Kiara gained weight? My stomach sank as I looked past how beautiful she was. She looked tired. Her face was gaunter… and she sure as fuck had lost more weight… Fuck. Because of me...

"Ow ow ow…" Kiara mumbled.

I frowned seeing her mother squashing her and tugged her out of Scarlett’s arms forcefully, wrapping my arms around her possessively.

"The doctor just told us you had a C-section! How are

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goodnovel comment avatar
This is a great story. It had me laughing, crying, and wondering what will happen next.
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Monyean Thomas
Lol can you really call you child a Fu****!!! Lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Bryers
The little effer! The little effing monster! Poor Dante is gonna grow up with an effing complex! SMH!

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