128. Together As A Family


"Oh, he is adorable." Maria said as she carried Dante, planting a kiss on his forehead.

I smiled.

"Thank you."

Although they had all seen him before and we had been here for the last five hours, everyone was still gushing over him.

The men had gone out for a few hours and had returned in time for dinner.

We were all in the luxurious lounge of the Rossi mansion. Only when I came here did I realise how wealthy the Rossi’s were; even Alejandro's luxury mansion did not exude the same level of elegance.

Leo was sitting on one of the large sofas enjoying himself playing on Rayhan’s Xbox, and Raihana had told him he could take it back home too, stating that Rayhan no longer needed it. Speaking of Rayhan, he had video-called earlier and I had managed to say hi to Liam too. Alejandro hadn’t really talked to Rayhan. Even when Rayhan had found out he was awake, he had kind of ignored him, but today they’d had a conversation and I wa

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The Goose
Looking forward to the next chapter ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Bryers
Dante isn't gonna go for being away from his food source for long! Of he drinks from the breast most times it's hard to stick a bottle in their mouth. I'm happy that the brothers are getting along!
goodnovel comment avatar
Christina Cruz
Raven shut off her emotions.... Raven & her mates.... the witch that died I believe was mated to him... baby Dante... I can see 3 more books ...️

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