Bonus Chapter - A Winter Day



I looked at the little boy who I was meant to be looking after for the entire fucking day. With Kiara pregnant again, I knew she needed some time away, so she, Serena, Kevin and some other she-wolf had gone out for the afternoon and evening. At first, I thought this shit was going to be easy… But now, three hours in, I was regretting offering. How the fuck was I supposed to focus on paperwork when this fucker just demanded attention twenty-four fucking seven?

The snow had gone, but the weather was still foggy and cold. I glanced up at the sky through the open French doors of my office, the dark cloudy sky only promising more gloomy weather.

Dante was outside playing tag with Darien.

"Al!" Darien called.


"Dante’s got a request."

"I want Mgonalds!" Dante chipped in. "Please, Daddy."

How the fuck do you say no when he says please?

"Didn’t you just have food? Dar

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Sandi Krajeski
This was a great book. Can't wait to read the whole series. Great story line with heat, love and passion. Keep on writing, you are an awesome author.
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Rereading all your books loving the characters & storylines need so much more
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I love Alejandro this is the BEST of the series so far out of the four
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