Unintended Consequences III

It didn’t take long for Ursa to come to. By the time she did, she was tied to a chair in a dirty little barn. It had a bit of a haunted feeling to it, with rotting wood and fauna growing in and around the structure. Ursa regretted ripping her dress sleeve- she was a bit cold now. Nothing she couldn’t handle of course, she did grow up in the Romanov territory. 

Her head throbbed from being hit upside the head. Ursa’s hair was a mess and her dress was ripped and covered in dirt and mud. In other words; she looked disgraceful. She would be embarrassed to see the Emperor in her state.

Lady Tatya… Ursa knew without a doubt this was her doing. Now she just wanted to know who did the dirty work for her. 

As soon as she thought that, the barn doors slid open, and a large, gruff man in all

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