The Day of Magia Was Dawning III

The God shrunk himself down to a more ‘mortal’ size, but he still towered over Ivan by two or three feet. Ivan was already an undeniably large man, but he looked miniscule compared to the green figure that approached him slowly. 

“You still have time to turn back, mortal. I will look past the insults if you begged to keep your life,” the God said with a smirk. 

“Perhaps you should watch your words, since you will be on your knees soon enough.”  The God growled loudly and launched himself through the air, his claws extended like knives. 

Ivan held up his sword in a defensive position and held his ground when the God landed, swiping at Ivan like a cat. Ivan summoned another sword that was smaller and used it to swipe at the God’s stomach. The metal crumbled

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