Chapter 80


Waking up, I stretched my limbs. My body was stiff like I had been in the same position all night, yet I also was lighter, happier than I had been in ages. Someone moved beside me, their warm skin rubbed against mine and I knew it was Tobias. Everything from the day before crashed back to me. Sitting upright, I looked around the room and noted we were in our bed. Theo was nowhere to be seen. I sniffed the air slightly searching for his scent, yet I found nothing except the smell of Tobias. My gums tingled as I breathed in his scent. Tobias woke startled and I realized my growl had been louder than I thought. He stared at me and smiled, and anger boiled up before spewing over, and I lunged on top of him. 

I smacked him. The asshole had just let Theo drain me of my blood and knock me out. My fists rained down on him but seemed to have no ef

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