Chapter 4

Unknown POV

Everything went to shit, the bitch was supposed to die. I went over my notes trying to figure out how only half the explosives went off, even with just one going off it should have set the others off.

“I must have missed something I am sorry” Laura stutters out when I turn my anger toward the pathetic woman she had one task, one fucking task she just had to squeeze under the house and connect some fucking wires and she couldn’t even do that right even after I showed her numerous times. 

“Did you use the black one with the red writing?” I ask her trying to figure out how she fucked up. Her face pales.

“I thought you said the red one with black writing” She stutters. Hopping up I walk over to the cupb

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
They only got a year of happiness until that punk hunter blew it all up. Couldn’t they have smelled the explosives? I’m assuming the hunter either already had vampire dna or probably drank the blood he took from them.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tonya Horinek
Damn!! it was good for a damn year!!! ugh!!

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