Chapter 43

Amara's POV

Who would have thought I only had to steal my magic back, and nearly die during the process but I got my magic back so was definitely worth it. I think to myself as I walk into my little studio, though Emmet was being annoying the entire drive home. 

"Don't you have pack business or family to visit, or anyone to visit?" I ask him. I needed space, space to think and breathe without him being here constantly. I have always liked being on my own and having him with me constantly was a foreign feeling though not completely unpleasant.

"Nope, and stop trying to get rid of me. I am not going anywhere" he says, flopping on my bed. I roll my eyes at him before walking into my bathroom. I lock the door starting the shower before stripping off and stepping in. 

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda West
I have read this book before and I would so love to see a book for Emmett and Amara.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mariam El-Fahoum
i neeed more amara and emette
goodnovel comment avatar
Nikki Boarman
Right! My thoughts exactly

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