Abby's POV:

"What? He's still not answering? Diane? How is it?"

"He's still not answering, Cass."

"Goodness! I am already so damn worried to that kid. Where the hell did he go?

"We don't know. I even saw Abby earlier at the living room and she keeps on calling him but his phone is off."

I can hear people talking but I cannot determine who are they. I don't know what they're talking about. They just whispering and I cannit barely understand.

I tried to move my fingers and slowly, I opened my eyes. I almost close it again when I am dazzled by the light.

"Abby? Hija, thank God, you're awake!" Said by the frantic voice, I think it was probably coming from

I roam my eyes around and I figured out I am lying in my bed inside of our room.

"W-Where is Cloud?" I weakly uttered when I

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