Next time, i’m going to have you, in all areas, your mouth on my cock, me tasting you, inside you, over you, under you, on the table, on the wall, beside the counter, anywhere, i’m definitely going to fuck the living hell out of you, that’s a promise i swear!.

Cassandra woke up with a jolt, beads of sweat over her, she could still hear the whispers of Raphael. I’m going to have you, you are mine. It freaked her out as well as it turned her on, she held her face in her hands. God what was she going to do, how in the hell was she going to get out of this mess now.

“damn you, Raphael”, she whispered. He had been constantly tormenting her dreams, try as she might to avoid him both in real life and in her dreams, it didn’t work, Instead she’d woken up, sweating, panting with her hands between her legs.

“princess, are you
Authoress Vicky

The battle has just been drawn, a battle is waging and poor Cassie is stuck in the middle of it all. I really love to know your thoughts in this story, feel free to like and comment pls vote as well feel free to message me I don't snub @ authoress vicky.

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